My Classroom

Here are some pictures of my current classroom. I guess you can say I am OCD, so I am very organized and try to teach my students to be organized as well.  Last year my students had desks which drove me crazy because they became so messy and they sometimes would just dump them on the floor to find a pencil. When I had to change rooms this year, I got tables instead of desks. At first I was not excited, because where was all their stuff going to go. Now I would prefer tables over desks anytime! The students are taught to share materials at each table, they learn to work together to gain table tallies, and organizing their materials, like notebooks and folders. I also like making my room bright and comfortable, because the children spend so much time in our classrooms and I want it to be a place where they love to come.

Our classroom for open house

Cozy reading corner

Our daily schedule and the standards we are working on
Our IB Board and Asian Books
Global wall. We refer to the country we are focusing on during the lesson.

Our Interactive Notebooks organized by table
Each student has a number

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