Monday, February 25, 2013

100th Unit Sold Giveaway!!

This morning I am so excited to say I sold my 100th Unit! Due to my excitement and everyone's support I am doing my very first real Giveaway of ANY 2 items from my store since I sold 100 units in less than 2 months. I am soooo excited!! Please enter the giveaway and spread the word. But WAIT I am choosing TWO winners!!! That's right 2 people will win 2 of my products!!! It starts today and ends by midnight on Tuesday.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Craftivity and GIVEAWAY

I found this great book to read with your little ones on St. Patrick's Day called Fiona's Luck, by Teresa Bateman. I created a craftivity to go along with the book. Below you will see a picture of the craft and the book.
Book Overview:
The greedy leprechaun king has locked away all the luck in Ireland and the whole country has fallen into despair. Through clever charades, Fiona outwits the leprechaun king and restores luck to the land.
Connection to Book:
In the story the king locks up all the luck in a chest in the leprechaun’s cavern. Fiona can get a wish granted if she shows she has no luck, but it would be for exactly the value of luck she has, which is nothing. She says that she wants a hole, which is nothing, in the top of the chest. This allows all the luck free in Ireland.
 You can check out the product by clicking on the picture.

FYI all my boggers I am running a Giveaway on my Teacher's Notebook store! I am giving one lucky person my Money Wallet product for free! Take this chance to enter in the giveaway. Click the picture below to be brought to the Giveaway.

I am really starting to feel like I got a lot done this week off. Next on my list is Energy since we are teaching it in our classroom next week. Maybe I should have started with that. Oops haha.
Everyone have a Happy Friday tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 New Products!!

I am so excited! I finally finished the 2 lapbooks I have been working on the past few days. I probably would have gotten them done sooner but I have 4 different products going at once. I actually let my creative juices flowing and made the one lapbook into a craftivity as well.
The first one is on Immigration to America. This is the one I made into a craftivity by making it in a suitcase.

 The second one I created and I actually already sold one is a Lapbook on The Statue of Liberty.

I am really proud of my work. I keep getting good ideas for things and everything I make I would use in my classroom if I had my own. I am working on a St. Patrick's Day craftivity linked to a very cute story I found about luck in Ireland. It's called Fiona's Luck, by Teresa Bateman. It's not your traditional St. Patrick's day story and revolves around the time Ireland was suffering from the potato famine, so it is good for a lot of grades. I will def. have it done by tomorrow and will share it with you.

If you like either of the products above feel free to check them out at my store. Oh and I'm only 9 products away from 100 sold!!! So exciting!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Co-Teacher is a Beast!

I don't know if everyone knows but I am currently a TA for second grade in "Simply Skilled in Second's" classroom. She is an amazing teacher and she creates such beautiful products!! She has been giving me inspiration for creating some of my products as well. She has already uploaded 2 new lapbooks this week. We are lucky to be off all week and I am in the middle of working on 4 projects! I am having trouble focusing on one at a time. I did start creating the Heart Hunt as a Pot of Gold Hunt! Two are up and loaded, two more to go!

They have the same cards but in this version they are on St. Patrick's Day Gold Coins.
 Like I said Ms Simply Skilled in Second has been a beast creating lapbooks and I wanted to share her two newest with you. They are linked to her store so you can get a closer look.

You can also check out her blog by clicking on her button to the right of my blog. If anyone else would like me to share your products I would be more than happy. I am not all about making myself money, which of course I do need, but I am about helping each other out.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I am getting a pretty good hand on creating products, thanks to my lovely Co-Teacher. Now my main focus is to get myself out to everyone. I know my last blog was about networking as well, but this is the stage I am at right now. I just joined  Teaching Blogs Traffic School (TBTS) and have learned a lot so far which is why I am finally blogging today. I did create a fan page on Facebook which you can take a look at and please "like." I will soon have it where you can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest from my blog. Taking baby steps. You can "pin" any post by clicking on the "pin it" button on the bottom of each post.

Here is the link to my Facebook fan page: A-Passion-Driven-Teacher-Fan-Page

Now onto what I have been working on. Just before Valentines day I created some activities that gets the kids moving around the room. There are four sets of cards on hearts. Each set has a different skill that they need to find in objects in their classroom. Below are the four sets I created with an example of each. All sets come in many colors:

Included in the products with you can click on the title pages to go directly to the store, I included a cute idea I got when I was at Dollar Tree one day. I saw these cute heart shaped candy boxes and created hearts small enough to be folded into them.

They come in packs of 10 and come in 3 colors. I numbered mine to match the numbers on the cards. Soon I will have all four of these same activities with a St. Patrick's theme as well. I have a cute idea for them as well but you will have to wait and see when I finish them and post about them. So keep an eye out for the post. Before I get to that I have 2 big products that I am very proud of that will be posted within the next day or so. Cant wait to share them with you!

Please make sure to like my Facebook fan page and I will like yours as well and we can work together on new and fun ideas!

Friday, February 15, 2013


So I have been slaking on posting about things we have been doing in the classroom and things I have been learning. At first I was worried I would be doing what I'm doing right now, but I'm doing great with creating products, selling, pinning and having people follow me and now I want to get myself out there even more. I believe that I learn from others and I have learned a great deal from my teacher already. She recently suggested that I join Teaching Blog Traffic School (TBTS) to network more which is exactly what I have been wanting to do. I am not a teacher yet but it's part of me and I want to learn and share my ideas with other teachers. The things I pin, or create are things I would use in my own classroom. By blogging and creating products I feel that when I do finally get my dream job of a teacher in my very own classroom I will be a lot more prepared than I could ever imagine. I feel blessed to what has happened to me since June.

There are so many things I want to share with everyone that my teacher and I did with the kids the past two weeks that the kids enjoyed doing so much and even got me excited to blog about it. The only problem is this week has been very tiring so I come home and get in bed watching tv with my Valentine's candy. I am now officially off for a whole week...9 days in total! I plan on creating two new products, blogging a lot more about what we did these past two weeks and trying to network as much as possible. I have also created a "teacher" Facebook profile as well. Please check it out: .

Thank you for reading my blog it means a lot when people are interested in what I have to say and share. Can't wait to share all my great findings and ideas.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My New Office

Now I know I mentioned I got my own office recently when we converted my brother's room into my very own office, and I finally have pictures!! I am so happy about my own space to work in.

My seating that's not a real dog haha
My working table and file cabinets
My stuffed animal reading buddies
All my picture books organized by subject

Chapter books and Education books

My desk area

My collection of apples!
One of my 2 old fashion desks dated back to the
My Closet

So Much News!!

So how did I do during the BIG Super Bowl Sale??? Awesome, considering that I am just starting out. I had 19 sales!!! I was so excited!!  I worked so hard the whole week prior that my body was shot!  It was so worth it though. Since the North East is in the middle of a HUGE snow storm I thought why not have a HUGE SALE!!!

I have added new products since the amazing Toolbox. They are just a few center activities, one for plural nouns, proper nouns, measuring with cm with fish and flying to states in the USA and a big center pack on addition and subtraction with money at a sports store. The sport store math centers is actually one of 14 stores that I will eventually have up on my TPT with in the next few weeks. A lot of work goes into one but luckily I can use the same format for all 14 but change it to go along with each store. There are really cute activities.
This is linked to the TPT page

Word Problems with addition and subtraction

Answers to the word problems

Items in the sports store

More Items in the sports store

Shopping Lists where they add up the items on the list

Students find 2 items that add up to or have a difference of an amount
Filling in a receipt with amounts and totals
Each activity except for the "Fill in receipt" and "Shopping Lists" have 4 different sets addition/ subtraction without renaming and addition/subtraction with renaming. This pack technically comes with 11 activities. I can't wait to use some of these activities along with the Money Wallet when we get to teaching money.