Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rounding The Bases!!!

I completed the new product for TPT I have been dying to do all week! I am so happy how it came out. Thankfully I have my wonder teacher check it to make sure there are no glitches and of course there were some so I was able to fix them up. I worked on it all yesterday night and all day today.
I wish I had more time at night to work on my products but since my father is really sick and I still live at home I have my mom and the dog sleeping in bed with me for the past few nights and tonight. So I can't be going up to bed too late. :-(  I am so excited because that product had a lot to it but I got it done in a good amount of time. I can't even imagine how many I can get done this week we have off!!  Oh and did I say that my product is pinning already!!!!  Ahhhh

I'll keep you updated with my new products.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Vacation Time!!!!

So it has been a very busy week!...This week I created 6 decorated clipboards along with 7 small decorated clipboards as gifts for teachers in my building. They loved them. Pinterest gives me too many great ideas. Now the week is over, gave all my gifts out I can FINALLY focus on creating more products for my TPT. I only have one product up and no one has bought it yet. :-\  People are repinning it though, so I know people like it. I am hoping if I get more products up maybe people will buy a few. Fingers crossed.
This Penguin Math Center kit is JAM PACKED with Chilly Fun!!  This activity kit can be used in your math centers, during a guided math group, or to...

Today in school we did some math rotations with math centers my teacher created. The picture is linked to her TPT page for the product.  It was so cute and the kids really enjoyed it. I suggest trying your products with your students or even yourself to make sure there are no glitches. We found one or two in hers and I found a few in my one product that I fixed tonight. Thankfully it hasn't been purchased yet.

I started a new product tonight after I made my corrections and I'm really excited about it! Let's just say it is a baseball game with rounding numbers. I am going a little overboard. haha I am tired though so I am going to sleep and will probably start working as soon as I wake up again.

Good Night'

Monday, December 17, 2012

So it begins....

 Hi everyone! Today I am officially starting a journey into the blogging world. As of yesterday I also posted my first product in my store.   

Let me tell you a little about who I am. I was born in Suffern, New York, in 1986. In 2008, I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a duel certification in Early Childhood/Childhood Education.  In 2011, I graduated with my masters in Literacy from the College of New Rochelle. I have 2 younger brothers and 3 dogs (Lily, Daisy and Annie). My parents have been so supportive in everything I do and have shaped me to be the person I am today. In my spare time, I like reading, shopping, watching movies, going to the beach, dancing with my friends, and spending time with my family.

During college I worked in retail for 7 years for Ann Taylor. in June 2012 I got fired which was definitely bittersweet. I was unemployed for 3 months but I was able to enjoy some time to myself during the summer and was able to get back on track towards what I really want to do. Currently I am a Teaching Assistant in a second grade classroom with an amazing Teacher! I have been learning so much from her. I plan to share all that I learn here and will take any advice and ideas that can prepare me for when I have my own classroom. I am the type of person who takes what she learns and implements it. I am a Passion Driven Teacher!

I wish I could right more but I am exhausted. This weekend was rough on all of us, and the worries we all faced today in our schools can be very tiring. I just want to say that my heart is broken for the Sandy Hook Community and I wish God can help them heal to the best of their abilities.I am happy to say that my family will be donating $500 towards the community as soon as we find a fund that is 100% towards the families. Please be careful if you make donations.

I hope people will follow my new blog and I will definitely be following many of you to learn as much as I can.

Thank You

A Passion Driven Teacher