Monday, March 9, 2015

First Freebie Success

I am so excited! Today I reached 200 likes on my Facebook Page. That is an increase of 100 in less than 2 months! It's amazing! Due to the excitement I had my first flash freebie. I couldn't decide on the product so I even put that up to a vote and the people spoke. I had my Money Unit as a Freebie for 20 mins tonight and had 58 downloads plus 5 that couldn't download due to it being a zip file. I am so excited from the outcome and can't wait to do more! Not only did I do the flash freebie to celebrate but my whole store is 20% off until Wednesday!!  Take a look at my store and if you want the freebie I had tonight for only $4.80 go get it now!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chinese New Year!

It has been a crazy past 3 weeks! We had 2 weeks of snow days and 2 hour delays so I felt like I fell so far behind. We also got observed by our principal for 5 minutes to see if we are interacting with the standards and are being global since we are an IB school. Well lets just say I didn't get checked for either, and instead of getting discouraged I took it as a challenge. They want us to be global in all, yes ALL, subjects. 2nd grade's continent of focus is Asia, which can have difficulties sometimes finding materials. Luckily these past few weeks we have been able to focus on the Chinese New Year.  We started with making Chinese Lanterns and tied this into our writing unit for How-to's.
                                                        Chinese Lantern

 As we made the lanterns I modeled how to write a How-to with the title, materials and method, which was introduced to them prior to this activity.  We did a few different crafts that connected to the Chinese New Year as well to practice the format of a How-to. We made a Chinese Red Envelope and a Chinese Rattle Drum. The kids loved doing these crafts. Next week they are making an Asian hat and Dragon Puppet.

                                             Chinese Red Envelope

Chinese Rattle Drum

To make our Chinese New Year Celebration more authentic we had Chinese food and a parade around the school.

 They even carried their lanterns with them during the parade. They also made Sheep Masks since it is the year of the sheep.

To show all we have learned about the Chinese we created Flip Flap Books from Simply Skilled in Second that came out adorable! We worked on 2 letters a day and usually when I do these adorable books I do it with them, but this time I had them work on this independently, except my kiddos that need teacher help. 

The kiddos were able to work on these independently because Anna included a brochure of all the information needed to answer all the information on each letter.


                                                         Finished product
Due to being told I wasn't being global you know I had to display these beauties in the hallway for everyone to see! :)   Thank You Anna from Simply Skilled in Second for these adorable Flip Flap Books!
 If you would like to get that mazing Flip Flap Book click on the picture just above.
Hope you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things we did the past few weeks for the Chinese New Year. I will keep you all posted on what other fun global things we are doing in our classroom.