Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Measurement Toolbox

I am so excited! I finally finished my Measurement Toolbox Craftivity. Here is a picture of what it looks like. There are so many activities that are inside this toolbox:

1.What is a Tool?

2.Tools We use In the classroom

3.Tools I learned to use

4.My favorite tool

   1.We use a ruler to… and How we use a ruler 
   2.I can compare the length of 2 objects 
   3.I can measure the length of these objects
   4.Things that are tall or short
   1.We use a balance to… and How we use a balance 
   2.I can compare the weight of 2 objects 
   3.I can measure the weight of these objects
   4.Things that are heavy or light
   1.We use a measuring cup to… and How we use a measuring cup 
   2.Measuring volume: The breakdown of a gallon/quart/pint 
   3.Things that can hold a lot of liquid or a small amount of liquid

   1.We use a thermometer to… and How we use a thermometer 
   2.I can color in a thermometer 
   3.I can read a thermometer
   4.Things that are hot or cold
9.Which tool do you use…

And just like my Money Wallet I am giving 2 small pieces away as a Freebie!!!  Only my readers will have this opportunity. Click on the picture to the right and below for your freebie!  If you like the whole product check it out by clicking on the picture above that will link you to my store.  Please leave feedback.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Exciting Weekend

This has been an amazing 3 day weekend! It started off with creating an amazing science craftivity that can be used while teaching measurement (length,weight, volume and temperature). It is in the shape of a toolbox. Here is a picture I took of what it looks like.It will be posted within the next couple days. Unfortunately I cant upload it yet because I do not have a color printer at home and to take pictures of the completed product I need the pages with color printed. It truly is a pain in the you know what! I am also finishing up on my HUGE money pack that will jam packed with 14 different stores with activities for each store, differentiated for all learning levels. I have been a busy bee!!

Next for my exciting weekend was we converted my brother's old bedroom, which is right next to mine, into my very own office! Yes I still live at home. :-(  It is so nice to have somewhere to work and not be distracted by family members or cute little puppies. Not only that my father made a work table for me to use when creating my craftivities and bought me a new desk chair since the one I was using was broken. It was the one no one wanted to use and I wasn't being picky. We are going to paint the room so when it is all complete I'll post pictures!!

And finally...I have been having problems with pintrest and Teachers Notebook on my computer. I found out that it is add-ons on Firefox that are preventing me from using the sites. I have deleted them and now both sites work great!   I am officially on a roll right now.

Oh and my Money Wallet and Wanted Numbers have been selling liike crazy!! I am so excited! Can't wait to get more products up.

Thank You for Joining in my journey
Jessica Gizzi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Money Money Money!!

So I am so excited to share with you a great product I created this past week to use in my class for teaching money! My cooperating teacher let me create something I thought we could use in our second grade classroom to help organize the knowledge the students will gain about money. It's called Money Wallet! It is a Flip Flap Book I guess you could call it with different activities. It is made to look like a wallet with all different pieces of knowledge. The BEST part of the craftivity is the fact that i made it in three differentiated levels, struggling, on level and advanced.

There are six different activities that are involved with this Money Wallet.
1. First the students will write down 2 facts about money that they have heard in a story or that they already know on two "credit cards" that they create (whole group)

2. Then students write down the value of each coin and the dollar bill in cents and dollars, write it out in words(twenty-five cents) and which president is on the coin or dollar. (whole group)
This activity I am actually giving away as  FREEBIE for any of my readers and/or followers. Click on the link below.
Coin Purse

3. I Can Count Money- Students add up the money they see in the pictures (small group)

4. I Can Subtract and Add Money- Students will add and subtract money vertically and in word problems (small group)

5. I Can Read And Write Money – Students will read amounts of money and write it numerical form and visa versa with writing money (small group)

6. Saving Piggy Bank- Students will think of something they would want to save for and write why they want to save for it. (whole group)
This is another activity I am sharing with you today for FREE!!! Click on the link below.
Saving Money Piggy Bank

We will be starting our Money Wallets in our classroom this week! I am so excited to see how the students interact with the wallet and how much fun it will be!

If you like what you see in the two freebies please feel free to take a look at my TPT store and purchase the entire wallet. Click on the picture >>>

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Teachers Notebook Newsletter!

Good Morning everyone! I got informed this morning by my wonderful teacher that I am featured in the Teachers Notebook Newsletter as a new store to visit! I am so Excited!!! Hopefully this will help my sales a lot. Check out my store!

I also wanted to give you a small glimpse into a product I am working on...

I will be creating 13 different types of stores that will all be linked to the CCSS for grades 1-4 using money for addition, subtraction, multiplication and percentage. I am really excited and hope to get this up ASAP

Thank you for all your support.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I made 4 sales!!!!

 I am soooooooo excited!  I made my first sale Tuesday Night right before going to bed. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I sold three more products. One sale was on TPT and 3 sales were on Teachers Notebook. I sold 2 of my Wanted Numbers product which I finished and posted right before I mad the sales. It came out great! I had some of my students try it and found a couple things I could fix. I am seeing how much better quality I am creating. You can see the product being used below. I linked the store through the first picture if you are interested in the product.

I have noticed that I am really creative at making center-like activities right now. I do plan on branching out and creating more resources that more people can use in their classroom. Also I buy a lot of clipart!! I love making my products colorful and fun. The students light up when they saw they robbers from the Wanted product sitting on my desk. They all wanted to try the activity and that is what I believe in, making products that students WANT to do. Learning should be fun and exciting.

What also helped me sell some products is the sale I am having that ends today! I had the whole store 20% off which helped a lot. I am also trying to promote my sales and products as much as possible to get myself out there. Please spread the word to help me out.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Having a SALE...

So what a week it has been.  I wish I was able to work on more products over this little vacation but I got to spend a lot of time with my family and boyfriend. I hope everyone had a great holiday and a great New Year!

Over the week I did complete a whole series of activities to use for blends and digraphs. I even made the theme fit with the blend or digraph. I was trying to be creative. Also I created a whole problem solving activity set that has a Wild West theme. I am going to try using it in the classroom these coming weeks to see how the students respond to it.

Also this week I joined Teachers Notebook to put my products out there for everyone to see. I am hoping this will help make me some sales soon. I am getting a little worried since I haven't sold anything yet but maybe the sale I'm throwing will help. The link to the store is right here 

Hope you all have a Wonderful New Year!