Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where Did April Go???!!!

So I have MIA for a teacher was out for 2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia. :(  Luckily she is feeling better and is back because then I got sick!  This NY weather always gets me sick when it cant make up its mind if its 40 degrees or 70 degrees. It plays with my immune system! I cant complain too much, I finally finished my MONEY UNIT!!
We were working on money a few weeks ago and thought I would make a unit with some skills we have been working on. My new unit has many activities that can be done as a whole class, small groups or even in math centers. I tried to use lots of color and pictures, but of course if you cant print in color it all prints in black and white fine. I should know I don't have a color printer at home. Haha  It is all aligned to CCSS.

If you click on the picture it will bring you to my store. Please make sure to take a closer look at the preview. And since you are such a fan and reading my blog why not surprise you with a FREEBIE from my unit!!!! Why not right???  Here is my mini book I created that is a review of all the skills we worked on.

Click on the title page to download your FREEBIE!!! Above is a sample of the a couple pages from the mini book.  You could use this book as a review at the end of your money unit or use it as you teach each concept.
What else happened in April??...Oh yeah it was my BIRTHDAY! My kids are the best, they all made me cards and two of my girls brought me in flowers!!! My mother sent me into school with goodie bags and a crown for me to wear. :) Gotta love my mom!!!  Yes I wore it all day!! Why NOT!
It was a busy month which is why I haven't blogged in a LONG time. I'm back for good I promise.

Now we are working on TIME. I had to get observed by my Assistant Principal so I did a lesson on a.m.  and p.m. and created a cute mini book for my lesson as well!! And since you read down this far and didn't just stop at the first FREEBIE why not give you another FREEBIE!!!  This mini book will be part of a Time Unit I haven't started on yet but will in the near future.
Click the picture above to download your FREEBIE!! How to use this mini book?? The first page is a short review on  the parts of the clock and what kinds of clocks. Then there are 3 groups of 2 pages. Each set of two pages they pick 2 things they do in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. Then they show the time on the analog and digital clock and underneath write if its a.m. or p.m. Then they write a sentence of what they do at that time and draw a picture. This connects time to their lives. When printing just make sure to flip page 3 and 5 the opposite way so they all print the same way. This is what the inside looks like...

 One of my girls even decorated the cover page more. I thought it was cute!

Oh right and one more thing that happened during April....WE GOT PAID!!! OMG I was soooooo excited!! I did amazing for my first quarter and I have to say I am super excited that they are now going to pay monthly!! This will help out a great deal. Why you may ask?? Well I have officially applied to over 30 jobs in North and South Carolina combined!! I plan on moving south this summer and this extra money will be a huge help with the bills. So yes I am actually saving my money for now. I actually haven't even put it in the bank yet lol.        I even printed the emails of my first sales in TPT and TN.
Thanks so much for catching up on my busy April. Hope everyone did well on this past quarter.

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