Saturday, October 12, 2013

Behavior management please. ..

So it's a month and a half into my first year teaching and I have added and implemented many different behavior plans.  At first I had the expectations that I wouldn't really need a classroom management plan besides the one the whole school uses. Boy was I wrong! Our grade has a tough group and behavior is out of control.  I feel like I barely get to teach because they talk soooo much. I started with a "Wow Jar" where if the class behaved as a class they would get "Wow Gems" in a jar and when they fill the jar then the class earns a"Wow" party.  I am still using it and they are loving it., but I needed something for individual behaviors.
  At first I was taking away their "Eagle Bucks" which the whole school uses, but some of my kids didn't care after a while and would give me 2 if I asked for 1 because they could care less. So I started doing some research, or should I say "pinteresting", on classroom management.  I'm extremely addicted to Pinterest!! I then implemented a clip chart which the kids love. If they were misbehaving they would move their clothes pin down a color but if they were able to change their behavior move it back up.  I then started sending slips home to parents if their child was on a lower color and why they were asked to move down.  The parents liked this method because they were able to speak with their children about their behavior.  The only problem with this was remembering to write the slips up and went they were asked to move down. 
Then I remembered a management system the county showed us at an orientation before school started called class dojo. I implemented it Monday and the kids and parents love it! The system is ran on the computer and even had an app for your phone! Students are given positive points for specified good behavior and given negative points for specified bad behavior. There is even a sound linked to positive points and negative points so the kids hear the points being given. The BEST part is the parents can sign on with a code and see their child's behavior!! Just what I needed.  Have to love technology!!  If a parent doesn't have a computer I can print their child's report and send it home. So far it's working great and I am still using the clip chart but they have to earn certain amount of positive points to move up.  Our school being I.B. I created a clip chart based on the attitudes of I.B. This reinforces how they should act and think.
Lastly I'm noticing bullying going on in my room.  Kids are very mean and angry for only being in 2nd grade.   So I have decided that starting Tuesday I will start doing "bucket filling." This weekend I will try to get everything together and hopefully it will help all the negativity in my classroom.
I surly hope that my kids will stay to mature a little more and allow me to teach them.

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