Friday, January 4, 2013

I made 4 sales!!!!

 I am soooooooo excited!  I made my first sale Tuesday Night right before going to bed. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I sold three more products. One sale was on TPT and 3 sales were on Teachers Notebook. I sold 2 of my Wanted Numbers product which I finished and posted right before I mad the sales. It came out great! I had some of my students try it and found a couple things I could fix. I am seeing how much better quality I am creating. You can see the product being used below. I linked the store through the first picture if you are interested in the product.

I have noticed that I am really creative at making center-like activities right now. I do plan on branching out and creating more resources that more people can use in their classroom. Also I buy a lot of clipart!! I love making my products colorful and fun. The students light up when they saw they robbers from the Wanted product sitting on my desk. They all wanted to try the activity and that is what I believe in, making products that students WANT to do. Learning should be fun and exciting.

What also helped me sell some products is the sale I am having that ends today! I had the whole store 20% off which helped a lot. I am also trying to promote my sales and products as much as possible to get myself out there. Please spread the word to help me out.

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