Monday, January 21, 2013

Exciting Weekend

This has been an amazing 3 day weekend! It started off with creating an amazing science craftivity that can be used while teaching measurement (length,weight, volume and temperature). It is in the shape of a toolbox. Here is a picture I took of what it looks like.It will be posted within the next couple days. Unfortunately I cant upload it yet because I do not have a color printer at home and to take pictures of the completed product I need the pages with color printed. It truly is a pain in the you know what! I am also finishing up on my HUGE money pack that will jam packed with 14 different stores with activities for each store, differentiated for all learning levels. I have been a busy bee!!

Next for my exciting weekend was we converted my brother's old bedroom, which is right next to mine, into my very own office! Yes I still live at home. :-(  It is so nice to have somewhere to work and not be distracted by family members or cute little puppies. Not only that my father made a work table for me to use when creating my craftivities and bought me a new desk chair since the one I was using was broken. It was the one no one wanted to use and I wasn't being picky. We are going to paint the room so when it is all complete I'll post pictures!!

And finally...I have been having problems with pintrest and Teachers Notebook on my computer. I found out that it is add-ons on Firefox that are preventing me from using the sites. I have deleted them and now both sites work great!   I am officially on a roll right now.

Oh and my Money Wallet and Wanted Numbers have been selling liike crazy!! I am so excited! Can't wait to get more products up.

Thank You for Joining in my journey
Jessica Gizzi

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