Sunday, January 13, 2013

Money Money Money!!

So I am so excited to share with you a great product I created this past week to use in my class for teaching money! My cooperating teacher let me create something I thought we could use in our second grade classroom to help organize the knowledge the students will gain about money. It's called Money Wallet! It is a Flip Flap Book I guess you could call it with different activities. It is made to look like a wallet with all different pieces of knowledge. The BEST part of the craftivity is the fact that i made it in three differentiated levels, struggling, on level and advanced.

There are six different activities that are involved with this Money Wallet.
1. First the students will write down 2 facts about money that they have heard in a story or that they already know on two "credit cards" that they create (whole group)

2. Then students write down the value of each coin and the dollar bill in cents and dollars, write it out in words(twenty-five cents) and which president is on the coin or dollar. (whole group)
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Coin Purse

3. I Can Count Money- Students add up the money they see in the pictures (small group)

4. I Can Subtract and Add Money- Students will add and subtract money vertically and in word problems (small group)

5. I Can Read And Write Money – Students will read amounts of money and write it numerical form and visa versa with writing money (small group)

6. Saving Piggy Bank- Students will think of something they would want to save for and write why they want to save for it. (whole group)
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Saving Money Piggy Bank

We will be starting our Money Wallets in our classroom this week! I am so excited to see how the students interact with the wallet and how much fun it will be!

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