Friday, February 8, 2013

So Much News!!

So how did I do during the BIG Super Bowl Sale??? Awesome, considering that I am just starting out. I had 19 sales!!! I was so excited!!  I worked so hard the whole week prior that my body was shot!  It was so worth it though. Since the North East is in the middle of a HUGE snow storm I thought why not have a HUGE SALE!!!

I have added new products since the amazing Toolbox. They are just a few center activities, one for plural nouns, proper nouns, measuring with cm with fish and flying to states in the USA and a big center pack on addition and subtraction with money at a sports store. The sport store math centers is actually one of 14 stores that I will eventually have up on my TPT with in the next few weeks. A lot of work goes into one but luckily I can use the same format for all 14 but change it to go along with each store. There are really cute activities.
This is linked to the TPT page

Word Problems with addition and subtraction

Answers to the word problems

Items in the sports store

More Items in the sports store

Shopping Lists where they add up the items on the list

Students find 2 items that add up to or have a difference of an amount
Filling in a receipt with amounts and totals
Each activity except for the "Fill in receipt" and "Shopping Lists" have 4 different sets addition/ subtraction without renaming and addition/subtraction with renaming. This pack technically comes with 11 activities. I can't wait to use some of these activities along with the Money Wallet when we get to teaching money.

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