Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 New Products!!

I am so excited! I finally finished the 2 lapbooks I have been working on the past few days. I probably would have gotten them done sooner but I have 4 different products going at once. I actually let my creative juices flowing and made the one lapbook into a craftivity as well.
The first one is on Immigration to America. This is the one I made into a craftivity by making it in a suitcase.

 The second one I created and I actually already sold one is a Lapbook on The Statue of Liberty.

I am really proud of my work. I keep getting good ideas for things and everything I make I would use in my classroom if I had my own. I am working on a St. Patrick's Day craftivity linked to a very cute story I found about luck in Ireland. It's called Fiona's Luck, by Teresa Bateman. It's not your traditional St. Patrick's day story and revolves around the time Ireland was suffering from the potato famine, so it is good for a lot of grades. I will def. have it done by tomorrow and will share it with you.

If you like either of the products above feel free to check them out at my store. Oh and I'm only 9 products away from 100 sold!!! So exciting!!


  1. Ooh, I love the suitcase lapbook! What a neat twist on the basic lapbook. I can't wait to check out your store now!


  2. These are adorable! My kiddos and I LOVE craftivities! I am headed off to your store now to check them out! So glad I found your blog...

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

  3. The Statue of Liberty lapbook will be a perfect addition to anyone's unit on national symbols. It's hard to find material appropriate for the younger grades on this topic yet it's one of the Virginia standards of learning for first grade under the civics strand 1.11. Thanks for letting us know about this product! VACivics1.11

    Zoom Zoom Classroom